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500 Pound hairy UK girl 2
Isabel - 500 Pound hairy UK girl 2

Well I must admit seeing, "The Munch Bunch" (Lara & Isabel) in action turned me on and I couldn't wait to hand the camera to Lara and get my cock jammed into the lovely Isabel. The various veg had opened up her holes and it was really easy to squeeze my dick in. Her pussy and arse tasted of fresh cucumber with just a hint of courgette! Anyway we had a fuck-fest including DP with a vibrator and she actually came 3 times, which was amazing feeling her body grip my dick and then judder.............that was horny!


500 pound Vatican trip part 2
Renee - 500 pound Vatican trip part 2

Well finally Liz got Renee primed and ready for cock, so I got stuck in. There's nothing better than a threesome with two rampant girls, especially when one of them is as innocent as Rene. Liz and I ravaged her senseless, I for one was keen to ensure that I got the most from my precious £500. As for Rene, she seemed to have a good time, I suppose anything's better than scrubbing floors and fighting off randy vicars!


Order from an escort agency
Desiree - Order from an escort agency

A few weeks ago I was very excited to receive a brochure from an Escort agency, that specialises in girls dressed up in different outfits or themes. So, they had a "Red Riding Hood" a "Little Bo Beep" and some other more strange themes like, "Sexy Dalek" and "Freshly Dug-Up Corpse". Anyway, I got in touch and needless to say none of the girls I wanted were around for various reasons, except for one girl on page 6 of the brochure, who happened to be, guess what? "Common Prostitute". I tried to explain to the lady taking the bookings, "My good woman, "Common Prostitute" hardly constitutes a "Theme" it is merely a statement of fact, I can find such a lady of the night on any street corner, pray tell, what distinguishes your, "Common Prostitute" from all the others? "Well", she answered, "You wont find anyone as common as "Desiree La Douc...


Anal creampie milf
Envy - Anal creampie milf

Well, it's back to the sexy East Europeans this week, so welcome to "Envy", which I don't think was her real name, but who cares since she's an absolute babe and one of the most popular girls on this site, ever. I think that her appeal is her lovely, natural smile which makes her look like, "Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth" as we like to say over here in Blighty when we talk about a girl who looks innocent on the outside, but is actually a wanton slut on the inside! This was proved by the fact that she demanded to have an anal creampie at the end of the scene, which frankly shocked me! Well, not that much!


500 Pound Challenge
Louisa - 500 Pound Challenge

Well as part of my new policy of getting off my butt and going outside, I have for the first time, tried out my £500 challenge. Basically the idea is to approach a female in public and offer her £500 in cash to perform with me in a scene. Naturally, I was expecting to be punched in the face, but using my skills of discretion and charm, I manage to entice the georgeous student, Louise, back to my lair. Well, what a surprise, she was wonderful, I noticed her heart rate was at least 200bpm at the beginning, so she was nervous, which is natural. But, what a scene and she threw in a bum-fun session for the hell of it. In this I dressed her in leg-warmers and bikini, in the style of the 1980's and even produced a 1980's vibrator for her to use. I'd bought it at a car-boot sale, with a sign on it saying, "One careful elderly lady...


Fucking British pussy
Portia - Fucking British pussy

You can't say I don't spoil you! It's as good as getting invited to the Ambassasdor's party . I'm having to work my way through babe after babelicious babe at the moment. Yes, the lamps are burning late these days at Jim Slip Headquarters. Anyway, Portia arrived in a very flash looking car and got changed into some high boots and white stockings, which I thought looked very nice indeed. She then did some good dildo action and invented a new parlour game, "Is it a dick or is it a dildo?" which was great fun. An absolutely fabulous fuck!


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