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Approach with secret camcorder
Holly Kiss - Approach with secret camcorder

This week Lara and I are in the beautiful Peak District of England, which I strongly recommend to everyone to visit! Anyway, travelling down one of the empty roads, I spied a damsel in distress looking under the bonnet of her car. I approached her with my secret camcorder and asked, "Have you broken down?" which was a stupid question, because why on Earth would a girl be looking under a car bonnet? It transpired that her name was supposedly "Holly Kiss" but I think she had a suspicious resemblance to that star of stage and screen "Liz Hurley." She had an arse to die for, especially clad in her skin tight denims. Anyway I managed to convince her to come back to my place for some hot porno action!


Young student Honey Demon
Honey Demon - Young student Honey Demon

At this time of year Budapest is full of earnest young students studying all the artefacts of Hungarian history. This week I spotted young Honey drawing one of the statues in the famous "Heroes Square" in Budapest. At first I thought she was one of those nutty Japanese tourists you see around, but on closer inspection I realised that it was in fact a student with pad and pen. I did my usual, "Are you a model" routine with her and discovered that Honey was in fact from Romania. I enticed her back to chez moi and got her dressed up in a ballerina's outfit and wow, she looked great. You will not believe the transformation she made, from sensible, bespectacled student to wanton slut, even I was shocked!


Hajni hairy and HOT!
Hajni - Hajni hairy and HOT!

This week's delightful babe, Hajni will be a sight for sore eyes for those of you out there over a certain age, ie, SHE HAS HAIR! Let me explain for the young people out there, try stopping a guy in the street who looks over 35 years old and say this, "Jim Slip told me that in the olden days, women used to have hair all over their bits, is this true, old man?" he will answer, "Yes sonny it is indeed true, in my day If you were lucky enough to get into a girl's bloomers, you had to hack your way through a huge forest of hair, now here's 50 pence, run off and buy some glue to sniff!" "Thanks, old timer, but I'd rather have your wallet if you don't mind!" "Be off with you, you young scamp before I clip you around the ear!"


Teen Treat Bianka Lovely
Bianka - Teen Treat Bianka Lovely

This week we have a Teen Treat for you, in the form of Bianka Lovely, European porn's, "Queen of the Teens". My cameraman Cecil Porkinson-Bangor DSO, MBE DFS, nearly choked on his jumbo pork pie when he laid eyes on her and he instantly professed his undying love for her. Although I can't imagine that Bianka was tempted by a 28 stone, morbidly obese,alcoholic, ex diplomat as is Cecil. Anyway, Bianka was up for everything and more including some hot anal action, which she saved for the end. We dressed her up in a rather cute summer dress and some socks, which she looked great in and got stuck in.


Sluts revisited month
Angel Long - Sluts revisited month

Welcome to Jim Slip's, "Sluts revisited" month! This is where especially slutty girls from the past have been brought back for more fun. This week we have an audience with Angel Long. Many will recall Angel's first appearance on the site some 6 years ago and at the time she was a pretty wanton slut. NOW SHE'S EVEN WORSE!! Yes, this week she lies on a bed with me and recalls, tales of her exploits, whilst jamming my dick into her mouth, which would be quite difficult to do for most girls, but not for "Crowned Queen of Sluts", Angel Long, who managed to suck my dick, tell her story, sniff the bed sheets and get fucked virtually all at the same time!


A budding concert pianist
Connie - A budding concert pianist

Budapest is such a sophisticated city. Everywhere there are beautiful girls struggling to become artists, musicians and yes porn stars! One thing they all have in common, is the fact that they have to get jobs like making burgers, to finance their studies. This week's babe is no exception. Connie is a budding concert pianist and when I laid eyes on her I thought, "Wow I wouldn't mind her tickling my ivories!" (Well, actually, when I first saw her, I didn't realise she was a pianist, I'm just making a joke!) Anyway, using the subtle charm that has got me into the knickers of hundreds of babes I managed to entice her back to my lair where she brushed up rather well dressed in a little kilt and over knee socks and the biggest smile I've ever seen. Absolute stunner!


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