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Agents of Satan!
Bibi C - Agents of Satan!

As you know The Devil tempts the weak in many forms and guises. Us God fearing folk never know where and how He will strike next, for ever stalking us, for ever trying tempt to us from the path of Righteousness! He will use greed, gluttony or even Bibi and Avril! Witness my brethren, how Satan chuckles to himself as I am toyed with by his Agents of Sin! This week the girls or should I say, demons, thought it would be amusing to squeeze my dick into Bibi's bum, whilst giggling to each other in a most conspiratorial manner! Truly I say to you, these two temptresses were under orders from Beelzebub Himself and I was but an innocent plaything under their Evil spell! I was so appalled by their behaviour, that I cast them from my abode......... the following morning with nothing but a full English breakfast (With all the trimmings) and a taxi ...


Gum-chewing slut
Denni B - Gum-chewing slut

This week, my local pimp Gustav, came up trumps once again with the delicious 18 year old teen, Denni. As is the norm with the “Street girls” of Budapest, they are normally supplied with copious amounts of chewing gum. This is because their sleazebag pimps have watched the film “Pretty Woman” a thousand times and noticed that all the girls working the streets in the film seem to be constantly chewing gum. Anyway, as you can see Denni was, “Molto cutissimo!” if there is such an expression and when she donned some tiny denim hot pants, cowboy hat and boots and strode in to view, my eyes (As will yours) nearly popped out of my head on springs!” She does a rather sexy single girl self grope section at the beginning which will have you reaching for your smelling salts!


Like a crazed Zombie
Tracy Gold - Like a crazed Zombie

This week we have the stunningly beautiful Tracy Gold. Now Tracy has been umming and arring about taking a jump into the cesspit of porn for some time and I thought what a good time to try out my, "Will she? or Wont she?" series. During which I film a babe like Tracy and generally see what happens. Well what happened was that I nearly collapsed with wanton lust as she flitted from room to room looking like some kind of angelic waif, whilst I slavishly followed, like a crazed Zombie, leaving a trail of drool in my wake. "So what happened, Jim?" I hear you cry, well you'll have to watch and find out!


Back by popular demand
Madison - Back by popular demand

Well, back by popular demand may I present a whole week devoted to Madison's Bottom. Yes folks, you craved it, you demanded it and you lusted after it, so I, Jim Slip made the intrepid, selfless, nay, hazardous journey to Budapest, to seek out Madison's beautiful, pert bottom and penetrate it. Not before dressing her up in a "Sexy Sailor" outfit and a pair of knickers saying, "Hello Sailor" emblazoned on the back. I must admit they'd go down a storm in the gay community, imagine the effect you'd have wearing those at your local public convenience! Anyway, sit back and enjoy a lovely bottom at the peak of perfection!


I meet the luscious foreign student Lou Charmell
Lou Charmelle - I meet the luscious foreign student Lou Charmell

I am reading a book about Zombies at the moment. The "Undead" that trudge the streets in a never ending search for fresh meat! Strangely, they reminded me of the antics of Jim Slip although my suit is in much better shape than your typical Zombie's! Haven't they heard of dry cleaning?This week I meet the luscious foreign student Lou Charmell from France! She was travelling by train to London, when I struck with my trusty secret camcorder. Oddly, even though she came from France, she didn't know Tiffany Doll! Anyway, Lou spoke very good English and I managed to get her to make a detour to , Chez Moi, for some hardcore porno action in return for hard cash! Naturally, the thought of getting paid, in proper currency, rather than in Euros, made all the difference. It was heart warming when she announced, "'Aving zee monet avec your winderful ...


A web of sleazy sex fun with your truly!
Lexi Ward - A web of sleazy sex fun with your truly!

I bet with even Lexi's power of prediction and horoscopes, she couldn't have foretold that on this fatefull day, she herself would be enticed into a web of sleazy sex fun with your truly! I expect the following day she must have been shaking her crystal balls trying to work out what went wrong. As you have seen Lexi is a very sexy girl indeed and you wouldn't believe she'd have such large, ripe and juicy juggs lurking under her skimpy top and who would believe how she'd look with a pair of fishnet stockings on! So next time you are visiting a craft fair or some mystical event, remember with a bit of the Jim Slip treatment even soothsaying, nut eating hippies can be transformed into hot, lust filled, sex kittens!


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