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Sex in specs!
- Sex in specs!

This week we have the lovely Diore and if I just wrote she had her hair in bunches and wore a Gingham dress most guys would just say, "Nuff said, Jim!" But I say "No!" you must hear the whole story of Diore. She actually lives in the UK and drives a moped delivering pizzas. I always thought underneath those crash helmets lurked boys covered in acne, but Diore has proved me wrong! She had chosen her outfit as a result of seeing my website and although there is little evidence of little Gingham dresses with big buttons on, I was charmed all the same, especially as she was wearing specs as well! Don?t ask what she had under her dress! Ok, I'll tell you anyway, she had frilly panties on and she couldn?t wait to plunge her hand inside and play with her pussy. Anyway, it transpired that her true desire was to dress up as a cheap who...


Lina goes loopy with lust!
- Lina goes loopy with lust!

All the preparation for her trip to the South Pole had made Lina extremely fit and with fitness comes an insatiable sexual appetite! Lara now held the camcorder so I was free to ravage Lina, but it was very much the other way around. Lina flung me on the sofa and simply climbed onto me and used my dick to satisfy herself. Frankly I was quite shocked that a Penguinologist would behave in such an untoward and sluttish manner. At one point Lina stripped naked apart from her long white socks and then standing proudly in front of Lara, masturbated to a full orgasm before once again leaping back onto my dick! There was no stopping this girl and when she had finally gobbled my dick until she'd squeezed every last drop of spunk out of it, I was left a physical wreck whilst she on the other hand donned her rucksack, waved "Au revoir!" and bounced ...


Porno Penguinologist
- Porno Penguinologist

I thought I'd seen it all, but it would seem not! This week we have the lovely Lina who was travelling from Thailand via Budapest and on her way to the South Pole to live with penguins! She even had a complete penguin outfit in her rucksack, she maintains that the penguins won't notice her with her cunning disguise. Anyway, Lina had heard about and turned up in a kind of pseudo preppy Japanese school girl style outfit complete with long white socks. Anyway her casting was simply sensational and when she dropped to her knees to suck my dick, looking up at me with her big blue eyes made me think, "Lina, you will be a Penguin Whisperer!" Naturally as usual I put her into several positions and fucked her whilst holding the camcorder, always a challenge at the best of times, but I know you love this POV malarkey and so do I as it i...


Panties ripped to shreds
- Panties ripped to shreds

Not content with her satin ensemble, we then dressed her up as a cheap slut in fishnets, skimpy panties and thigh high boots and then fucked her brains out. She seemed to enjoy this new role dressed as a cheap whore and relished marching about the flat certainly annoying the gran who lives below us. Luckily she wears double hearing aids (Not Leyla, the gran downstairs) so she misses most of the crazed shenanigans going on above. I should say you will be more than impressed by me shooting my load all over high nice bum, framed by her shredded panties and for once my aim was straight and true! (I mean Leyla's bum not that of the gran downstairs with the deaf aids, just thought I should point that out!)


Skin tight satin!
- Skin tight satin!

Many will remember the film Grease when Olivier Newton-John found fame clad in the tightest shiny satin trousers possible and gave us all hard-ons! Well this week we go back to those halcyon days with the long legged Leyla who arrived for a casting also clad in skin tight satin trousers. Well to cut a long story short in no time at all Leyla dropped to her knees stretching her sexy satins to bursting point and dutifully stuffed my dick in her mouth and sucked it. Naturally I managed to, with great dexterity, peel down her trousers and fuck her as well. Not content with that, we then dressed her up as a cheap slut in fishnets, skimpy panties and thigh high boots and then fucked her brains out. I should say you will be more than impressed by me shooting my load all over her nice bum, framed by her shredded panties and for once my aim was st...


Big Bazonga Tit Wank Fuckfest!
- Big Bazonga Tit Wank Fuckfest!

Lara Latex was also very impressed by Tamara's giant juggs and dressed her in a fishnet top, hold ups and thigh length boots. Tamara then stormed in grabbed me and squirted oil all over her ginormous juggs, grabbed my dick and squeezed it between her two massive mounds! My dick completely disappeared in the crevice and then Tamara just slid herself up and down to my delight! I never considered myself a big jugg fan, but I confess now I am, maybe because these were real ones they have a nice squidgy feel about them and would make an excellent head rest after a hard days work. Once I got over the shock we started to fuck again in every position imaginable, but I must admit I was constantly distracted by Tamaras massive boobs bashing me about and at one point was nearly knocked unconscious when Tamara started bouncing up and down on my dick.


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