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Seamed stockinged nurse!
Jessica Jensen - Seamed stockinged nurse!

On a cold January day we have a lovely, sexy, nurse called Jessica who got in touch with me. She had decided that it would be very horny for herself to get dressed up in a nurse's uniform complete with seamed stockings and heels and get fucked! I think she meant to look like the babes in that British film classic "Carry On Nurse!" For the young folk out there, in the old days, all nurses DID in fact wear figure hugging short uniforms, together with seamed stockings and high heels! I know this because i was in hospital with appendicitis for 2 weeks when I was 14. YES TWO WEEKS! Nowadays, you're chucked out on the streets in 24 hours with a couple of aspirins and the drip still attached! Anyway, I remember only too well, lovely young nurses, bursting out of their uniforms, leaning over and patting me on the head, whispering, "You'll feel m...


Eva Ready!
Jessica Jensen - Eva Ready!

I was so excited about Eva gorgeous arse wrapped in those wet look leggings, I completely forgot to mention that her normal job is a nurse. Hopefully the NHS had had the foresight to keep Eva away from temptation and NOT post her in the Blood Transfusion department. With her Transylvanian heritage it may have been too tempting for Eva to make up a quick "bevvy" or cocktail from the blood of some of the patients! Anyway, thanks to NHS cuts, she had her "Cut short to save money" nurses uniform with her! Yes, by taking 20 centimetres off the hemline of all the nurses' uniforms the NHS could save ?432.51 (rounding it up) in material costs, so Eva is part of a pilot scheme. We of course supplied the seamed stockings and suspenders - as Scrooge like NHS mandarins were not even willing to "Cough up" for this simple addition, which would have kep...


Transylvanian Trollop
Jessica Jensen - Transylvanian Trollop

This week we have a fan of skin tight wet-look leggings with the lovely Eva, from the land of Dracula, Transylvania! She assured me she had arrived in the UK by plane, but I think she omitted to mention the part about being in the cargo hold, inside a massive coffin laden with the earth dug from the grave of Dracula himself! Eva certainly got my imagination going and her stories, from the "Old country" terrified me to my very core, so instead I concentrated on her amazing body poured into those wet-look leggings and knee high boots! Yes folks when you see her walk around with those leggings creasing in all the right places, you will see why I couldn't help but to reach out, like the hand of Dracula, from behind my camcorder - of course Dracula doesn't have a camcorder as it would soon fail from being covered in all the blood & dirt etc - ...


Allegra Fucks King Tut!
Jessica Jensen - Allegra Fucks King Tut!

Sorry about the title, but knowing Allegra works in a museum I couldn't think of anything else. As you can see she looked great dressed as a cheap whore and to be honest I was gagging to screw her without being tethered to both my camcorder and headphones. Allegra was also desperate to get started and so we started fucking at a pace that even shocked my wife Lara Latex. Allegra simply couldn't get enough cock! I know you've heard that a few million times from porn girls, but Allegra REALLY COULDN'T get enough cock and after endlessly pounding into her she finally came and I had no choice but to shoot my load over her round bum. Allegra can now look forward to a glittering career in the cesspit of porn, thanks to your truly!


A Night in the Museum
Jessica Jensen - A Night in the Museum

I received an email from Allegra who claimed to have the most "Boring job in the World". On reflection she may be right as she has a job as a security guard in a Moscow museum. This is where you just sit on a chair in a gallery for 12 hours a day and do absolutely nothing. In a moment of brilliance Allegra made to decision to do some porn to brighten up her life and so she naturally contacted yours truly to try her hand at a now infamous Jim Slip casting! She wore her uniform, which comprised a black pleated skirt and blouse, which of course is perfect for a Jim Slip casting. After the months of boredom Allegra unsurprisingly turned from a smouldering temptress into a crazed sex maniac and as a master of dexterity I managed to fuck her whilst holding my trusty camcorder! Next week she's back with in her ripped tights, micro mini skirt an...



Another fitting babe for remastering to MPG4 we have the very sexy English Avalon this month for you to enjoy! If you like your sluts, sultry, exotic and rampant, then check out Avalon. Clad in thigh length boots and skin tight micro-mini-skirt, she used me up and spat me out! Check out her lap-dancing routine, it'll make your eyes pop out on springs!


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